House of Mats is run by @luciadenevi
Argentinian lawyer and entrepreneur who lives between Buenos Aires and Madrid.

After years working in fashion as a hobby she decided to start her own company in 2019. The main intention was to focus mainly in one specific product. The yoga mat.

Her original idea was to give customers the chance to have a one & only design. Open a new door to the classic yoga market offer.
By launching a business model on demand the possibilities were endless.

The way to communicate the brand is as eclectic as her. Lightly disrupting, fashionable and very editorial. If you navigate this feed is quite difficult to find the classical yoga poses.

After surfing the pandemic with great acceptance from the public, Lucia started to provide special design for brands, companies and hotels. Also being part of amazing collabs like with Nike, Clinique, Kerastase, and more.

As part of this revolution, designers and artists became part of this project, giving life to unique collections. Transforming a yoga mat in a piece of art.

Like wanderlust she is, Lucia decided by 2022 to take her creation to Europe. The first design was presented on the International Yoga Day with a sensorial class guided by three of the best yoga teachers in Madrid.
The very first design can be find at Lamarca Well shop in Las Alesas.
The new collection is available in Europe and will be landing Argentina by April 2023. 

We step into the market with a simple mission, to enhance the experience of practicing Yoga with a high-quality product, innovative design and a disruptive communication.

Our yoga mats are conceived and designed to reflect the spirit and personality of those who specially pick them.

Sustainability is our priority. All our materials are recyclable and we do not use plastic.

We check that each member of our commercial chain complies with the standards that reflect our principles, work ethics, corporate social responsibility and care for the environment.

We are a registered brand in Europe and Argentina certified by SGS on SVHC screening over all our materials.


HOUSE OF MATS products are made in a sustainable way. 100% latex free. Those known as PU and SUEDE already available in 6 different designs. All certified for their quality and type of manufacturing by SGS.

Our type of production helps reduce toxic emissions into the air. In addition, each "yoga mat" provides cushioning and comfort for the practice of this discipline and has a closed-cell surface to prevent moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat and reproducing bacteria (ideal for hot yoga practices).

Each product in this line has a high-density composition for an incomparable experience, with joint protection and versatility on any surface (carpet, cement and wooden floors).

On her way to rebuild herself, Lucía Denevi founded House of Mats, a firm dedicated to designing and selling custom designed mats. The coronavirus pandemic skyrocketed her sales. She graduated as a lawyer from the Universidad del Salvador, did a pre-master in Business Problems at the Universidad Austral, among other specializations oriented to the corporate world and entertainment, and worked in private and public audit, at the same time he worked in fashion production and image consulting. In 2019, Lucía Denevi set out to do something different and, after an initial investment, founded House of Mats (HoM), a venture dedicated to the design and marketing of sustainable yoga mats, which offers the possibility of customizing the product based on the preference of the user. customer in Latin America and in small productions in Europe

For Lucía, her founder, yoga and meditation are key to managing anxiety and stress from day to day.

The business had a positive impact. "And the best thing is that this responds to a considerable change in society. The yoga mat took more prominence than ever in the context of this pandemic. It is no longer something that is used randomly, but rather it is chosen, studied, it is invested and cared for.Today sustainability is paramount and it is on this solid foundation that House of Mats advances in the global market.