About the ¨Conscious Retreats¨ program.

We believe that within the framework of a wellness meeting, awareness should be raised not only about healthy habits, but also about the link between
participant with his environment and his own elements.
The Yoga mat is the space where the physical practices are carried out in which the intention and values of the organizer are transmitted.

The Yoga mat delimits that space of belonging, comfort, identity. Raising awareness about its use, cleaning and care is a fundamental pillar that will highlight the personality of the ¨Host¨.

The origin of the Program finds its roots in the 8 branches of Yoga established by Sage Patanjali referring to the conduct that a person must adopt in
her path as an individual living in this world in relation to people, situations and objects.
Its name, SAUCA, refers to mental purity and physical cleanliness. Keeping yourself and your surroundings clean.
This concept includes our body, clothing, possessions, and it is here that the mat becomes home.
Likewise, Sauca helps to reduce the distractions of the mind and to focus it, the intention of every organizer of wellness meetings.
An appropriate space to learn transcends the amenities and hospitality offered in a retreat, the mat is also a space that challenges your
user to keep it as his own being.



1. The organizer can offer its participants the benefit of choosing (personal and non-transferable) online the mat they would like in

2. The organizer can choose to make the selection that suits their preferences and needs.

In both cases, the selection must be communicated by email with the following details: full name - email - telephone - selected mat - address
delivery. The destination can be the address of a person responsible for receiving the order or the address of the retreat. changes will not be accepted
no returns.

Payment: The amount of mats requested must be paid in full by the organizer at least one week before the retreat.

Payment method: IBAN ES9300810144610002849486 - Banco Sabadell

Minimum quantity: 10 units

Exclusivity: the program is valid as long as all the mats used by teachers, instructors and guides are from House of Mats.

RRP sale price to retreaters: contact us. 

Shipments: the PVR price includes shipments in mainland Spain.
Other destinations will be quoted to measure.

Billing type: to be agreed.

Contact: Lucia Denevi
Cell +34653521192
Whatsapp: +5491136734353