Sustainability: An Essential Part of the Production Process

At House of Mats, sustainability is at the core of their production process. Their yoga mats are 100% latex-free, which helps to reduce toxic emissions into the air. The mats are also made from PU and SUEDE materials that are recyclable, and the company does not use plastic. Each product is certified for its quality and type of manufacturing by SGS, a leading certification company.

Design and Functionality: The Perfect Combination

House of Mats has six different designs to choose from, and each mat is custom-designed to reflect the personality and style of its owner. The mats have a high-density composition, which provides cushioning and comfort during practice while also protecting joints. The closed-cell surface of the mat prevents moisture and sweat from seeping into the mat, which can lead to bacterial growth. The mats are also versatile, providing a stable surface on carpet, cement, and wooden floors.