At House of Mats, we don't just create yoga mats, we create works of art. Our passion for design and art is infused in every product we make, making it easy to spot a House of Mats product even in a sea of ​​yoga mats. What sets us apart is our commitment to bringing together the worlds of yoga and art to produce unique, limited edition collections that are both functional and visually stunning.

Our secret? Collaborating with a diverse array of illustrators, artists, and designers who share our passion for creating something truly special. We're proud to showcase their work and make their visions a reality, all while producing a product that's durable, sustainable, and 100% latex-free.

Each collection is carefully curated to reflect the individuality and spirit of the artist behind it, making every House of Mats product a reflection of the unique story and creativity that went into it. We value the importance of community, and our creators are like family to us. Their talent and passion drive us to create products that stand out from the rest.

We don't just change your practice, we change your perspective. We believe in focusing on your personality and unique style, allowing you to express yourself and stand out from the crowd. At House of Mats, we don't just love yoga, we love your attitude.


We make special, thoughtful and original collections. We involve not only creators but also the story behind each one. We want every single yoga mat to identify its owner, to highlight its style, increasing its desire to exercise; that stand out for all their qualities without forgetting the preferences of each consumer.